Life's too short for bad meetings!

"In August 2020, a group of corporate professionals and I reflected on how working together during the COVID-19 pandemic became more challenging with numerous pointless meetings that sometimes would build up anxiety and frustration. Having working hours "stolen" by unstructured meetings started to impact motivation and time available to get actual work done.

At that moment, something clicked. We realized the right tools to run productive meetings in a remote or hybrid environment were still missing. We needed something specifically designed to manage meeting content instead of several docs, sheets, emails, and fancy presentations. Something that would be a single source of truth for all meeting participants to collaborate on, reducing information asymmetry and preparation time for meetings. 

Klaripath_Jens Koldehoff

Jens Koldehoff
Founder of Klaripath. 

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After rounds of research and development, the Klaripath application became available at the end of 2021. Since then, we've been proudly helping people worldwide communicate better, bringing more clarity and productivity to all stages of the meeting process, whether working remote or on-site.

Klaripath is a privately held company based in Oldenburg, Germany, with a diversified team of contributors also working from The Netherlands, Denmark and Singapore. Our mission is to help people clear the path to unlock great work with collaborative and productive meetings."

Jens Koldehoff, Founder and Managing Director at Klaripath. 

Keeping your data safe

Klaripath data security

Klaripath has essential safety measures in place, so you can trust that your meeting information will only be visible to the participants you invite.

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