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Klaripath remote meeting

Klaripath is a meeting notes software that helps people bring ideas and information together in a structured and collaborative way, giving participants clarity from the meeting agenda to the minutes. 

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Using Klaripath is very easy 

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Set an agenda

Klaripath meeting agenda software

You can find inspiration with our agenda templates or start to write from scratch. 

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You are free to invite any email address to access each meeting's content, including people outside your organization. 

Klaripath software add meeting participants
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Klaripath remote meeting
Klaripath remote team meeting
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Enjoy real-time collaboration to build the agenda and take notes to have minutes ready when the meeting is over.

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You can jump into presentation mode when the meeting is happening, so nobody gets lost on what topic is being discussed.

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Klaripath on-site team meeting
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action items

You can create tasks, assign them, and set deadlines to increase accountability. 

Klaripath create meeting task
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Klaripath meeting task
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Klaripath meeting participant
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Visualize the tasks from all your meetings in one place and keep track of what is pending.

Klaripath manage meeting task software
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Meeting Solutions 

Remote, on-site, or hybrid meetings? 

Klaripath remote and on-site meetings

Klaripath increases collaboration in all formats. 

Reduce meeting time and workload 

Klaripath reduce meeting time

Meetings can be more effective when their purpose is clear, and everyone can collaborate while working on the same page. 

Avoid information asymmetry

Klaripath avoid information assymmetry

Register decisions and discussions to keep everyone on the same page, even those who don't attend the meeting. 

Reinvent team meetings 

Klaripath reinvent team meetings

Let everyone feel heard and participate in setting the agenda or taking notes. 

Give room to your thoughts

Klaripath give room to your thoughts

Sometimes agenda topics come to mind when grabbing a coffee or on the go. With Klaripath you can easily add meeting topics using your mobile.

Agenda templates

Klaripath meeting agenda templates
Klaripath team meeting agenda template
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Everybody can use a little inspiration to set meeting agendas that will help with the flow of the conversation.

Try something new for your next meeting and start building the agenda using one of our templates. 


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