Klaripath meeting data protection

Many people are concerned about data safety when considering a meeting notes management software, and we understand that. Most meetings contain confidential information about strategic decisions, business performance, and other internal topics, making it vital to protect this data. Who would want to give their house key to a stranger? 

Access to a meeting's related content such as agenda, notes, tasks, and participants can only be given by the meeting host using an invitation by email. This way, only the people you invite will have access to the meeting space on Klaripath. 

Klaripath restricted meeting access
Klaripath data storage

All the data transfer with our app is fully HTTPS encrypted, and Klaripath does not store user data within its sites. Our customer's data is securely stored at Google Data Center in Frankfurt (Google Eur3) and we strictly follow Google's best practices to take full advantage of its security and compliance measures.

If you have specific questions about Klaripath's

security measures, don't hesitate to contact our team.

We will be happy to take you through all the technical stuff.